Your Partners in Career Success

At Brookline College, we aren’t just here to provide a first-class education and send you on your way. 我们的职业服务团队致力于帮助您确保就业,这样您就可以在毕业后立即365彩票平台官网工作. We don’t stop at only helping our students when they graduate. Throughout your entire career, 教练可以在Unitek Learning家族学校的任何地点为您提供支持.

Graduate Recruiting

Brookline College, as part of the Unitek family of schools, has established relationships with employers in many job markets. 我们的毕业生是优秀的员工,我们的合格和热情的毕业生不止一个获得了“月度最佳员工”的称号! If you want to hire your next employee of the month, let our graduates know by adding your open positions to our employer job board now!